Add to cart with fly animation

Add to cart with fly animation in Android

Create a class with name MainActivity

Now you can create activity_main.xml and define its contents like

2. Now its second step where you need to override onCreate method and put following contents

3. In step three you need to create Product Adapter class.

4. You also need a Model class for product , so create a Product class in model package, Its good idea to separate the models , view and controllers logic.

5. Now finally the you need Magic code witch do all the magic. So create package util and put following code into that
Create A with code…

And also create Customized Circle image view

5. Now its time move to and write build products list and makeAnimation function, You need to write following code…

In this sample we have used some image resources like Cart icon in toolbar and flowers images as products in recycler view adapter and put them to drawable-xxhdpi folder

You can download from here.

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  1. the key functioin for this, is the CircleAnimationUtil Class and I know everybody knows the rest things like adding adapter class for recyclerview. now everything is provided but key.
    our time is wasted.


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