Swipe Refresh Inspired Material Progress Dialog

Hi guys,

Today i am sharing how to create customized material progress dialog. I know you have seen a lot of customized progress dialog created by most of developers. But this progress dialog is inspired from Progress Bar appears in Android Design Library’s Swipe Refresh Layout.

It looks charming and eye catching, and i thought that if i could manage to create or customize that way , I can use it a standalone progress dialog.

So I made some customization and sharing with you which are following…

You can see the demo


1. You need A Circle Image View in which Material Progress Dialog appears.

2. In second step you need a customized MaterialPrgressDrawable

3. Now its final step of customization and you have to create SRCustomProgressDialog by extending AlertDialog class

Now create

class , and it should extends AlertDialog.

Override OnCreate Method like this

you have noticed that i am using sr_alert_dialog_layout.xml as a container for displaying my progress dialog.

Now its time to add magic creation code which handles or displays Circular Material Progress Bar

Your complete code looks like

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  1. i want to add this progressbar but the output is not same as shown in the sample i have tried with this code thrice. the profressbar is showing but with somw background dialog


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